The Piranha Workout

At Piranha, we understand you might be apprehensive to try a new workout. Whether you’re nervous about your fitness level, not sure if the workout will be up to your standards, or scared of not knowing anyone. We can assure you with our cycle, megaformer, or pump sessions we will meet you where ever you are...and then take you to levels you’ve probably never imagined were possible! Piranha is not only a great place to workout, but we truly care about YOU - plus, we’re making fitness fun again.

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We ride to the beat of music so that you forget how hard you are working

You are in a pitch black room so that you feel seen, not looked at.

We jam out to a club grade sound system just to make sure you are having fun.

It's a room where people leave drenched in sweat from head to toe.

We will even do about 5-7 minutes of light dumbbell work on the upper body to make sure it's a TOTAL BODY workout.




Low impact spring resistance training (AKA nice to the joints)

High intensity workouts - no this isn't pilates.

Functional training. You will train like the athletes do.

Never the same. Never gets old. Just keeps pushing your limits.

Slow controlled + fast explosive + no impact = the functional performance and sculpted physique clients want without the toll of high-impact exercise



Everything your muscles need for a good PUMP

Strength work through dumbbells, slam balls, etc.

Bodyweight conditioning elements

Super efficient - you're in and out in 30 minutes!